2020/2021 Dues


There is room in all leagues for new members. Contact Cindy Giesler (info@powassancurlingclub.ca) to join up.


A Registration Form is to be completed this year upon payment of your fees – a separate form for each member. This will assist in re-building the club’s database with contact information (proper spelling of names, current e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers), identifying the different leagues our members participate in, present volunteer opportunities, and assist in marketing the club and events to the current membership as well as to past members.

Additional required forms -

Members will need to complete;

1) Powassan Curling Club Membership Form

2) Declaration Of Compliance - Covid-19 Form

3) Release Of Liability, Waiver Of Claims and Indemnity Agreement Form


Powassan Curling Club
2020-2021 Dues

Juniors (per session)
High School/College Students
Seniors (full year)
Seniors (half year)
Non Member Spares
$10.00 per game