Club Phone: 724-2247

Executive Committee:

Executive, 2015-2016
President Andrew Emmerson email 724-3460

First Vice President

Jim Landon email 752-5365
Second Vice President Gerry Giesler email 493-4054
Secretary Sean Coleman email  
Treasurer Cyndi Giesler email 724-5039
Bar Chairman

Randy Brousseau

email 724-3989
Ice Maintenance Coordinator Terry Lang email 499-1794
Past President Bernie Penney email 494-7142
Recreation committee Rep Kim Lindsay email 724-5820
Seniors Executive

Ron Hurley

email 729-1217


Secretary/Treasurer Cyndi Giesler email  
Drawmaster Dennis Lawrence   724-3531
Past President Doug Oshell email 724-5370
Committee Chair: Hospitality Theresa Funnell   472-8342
Committee Chair: Bonspiel Trudy Levely   724-5221
Committee Chair: Kitchen Doug and Ann Oshell   724-5370
Mens Drawmaster Gerry Giesler      email 493-4054
Ladies Drawmaster Gerri Van Amelsfoort   724-1712
Seniors Drawmaster Dennis Lawrence   724-3531
Mixed Drawmaster Sue Brousseau email 724-3989
Juniors/Littlerocks Drawmaster Amber Winters email 472 8538
Other Contacts
Club Rentals Bernie Penney email 724-5370
Kitchen Ann and Doug Oshell email 724-5370